20 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Possibility

  1. Great photo! I love how there is no wall around the door. Very surrealistic.

    Did you photoshop it to achieve that look or just happen to find a door like that?

  2. So cool. Very amusing shot. It reminds me of a trip I took to Greece. There was a doorway, out in the open, leading to our hotel. But you could just walk around it and avoid having to open the door altogether. I realize your intention was different, but it just brought up that memory for me.

    1. Yes, but I’ll have to search for it. I was there several years ago before digital cameras were popular, so if I can find the photo, it would have to be scanned in.

  3. Your work is beautiful. If you happen to be a match for our group (photographers who have ever experienced or been touched by depression or other mental health issues), we would welcome your work for the online gallery! This one especially we could include and the recent gate image stands out too, but I’m sure you have many more too. Let me know.

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