12 thoughts on “Crater Lake

      1. Yes it is. We camped in the federal forest campground on the Rouge River. I did a post on it on primitive camping.

      2. After you upload photos, click the create gallery command on the upper left of the screen, then pick how you want them displayed and click create gallery on lower right. Once you know where to start it is pretty intuitive.

      3. After you go to new post, you click on “add media”. After you upload photos from your computer, then you go through the steps I outlined. Let me know how it works – or I’ll see it on your next post. 🙂

      4. you might have a better version of WordPress than me. I’ve done what you indicated and I still see no button or link for create gallery anywhere.

      5. I have one of their freebes. When you are in your photo gallery, along the left there should be “insert media, create gallery, and set featured image” listed. Let me know.

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